Robyn Miles

Robyn Miles, Estate & Elder Law Specialist

PH (07) 839 8517   E


  • Estate Administration

  • Elder Law

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Power of Attorneys

  • Has more Visa stamps in her passport than a stamp collector

  • 'Bling' is her middle name

Yet another of our born and bred Hamiltonian’s, and renowned for such phrases as "it's all part of the exciting adventure" and "there's not enough bling in the world", Robyn has amassed a vast arsenal of skills and experience in her 20 years with ETH.

Having spent her youth travelling far and wide, Robyn and her ‘imported’ hubby returned to the 'Tron whereupon she immediately got herself a "proper" job as a legal secretary, before going on to complete her Legal Executive qualification.

Initially involved in conveyancing and subdivisions of land, Robyn is now our resident expert in all things pertaining to Wills, Estates and Elder Law.