Rachael Courtman, Legal Assistant

PH (07) 838 3333   E rachael@eth.co.nz

Rachael’s a Legal Assistant who’s really going places. And by ‘places’ - we mean all over New Zealand in a campervan, with her lovely man Andy. High on the ‘Must See’ list is the ruggedly beautiful terrain of the West Coast – so if you’ve got any top tips on what to see and do, we reckon she’d love to hear from you.

Rach’s love of travelling has taken her all over the world, including an enviable four-year jaunt through Europe. It would be the lure of a cute wee nephew and the future opportunity to build her dream first home in Kawhia that would see her return to our shores. Armed with her Legal Exec papers, she’s now safely ensconced within the four walls of our lovely new offices where she works as a Legal Assistant to two of our Senior Associates, Victoria Mann and Mike Bracken. 

Welcome home, and welcome to our team, Rachael.