Mark Shepherd, Associate

PH (07) 838 3333   E


  • Leases

  • Commercial and Residential Property

  • Financing

  • Trusts and Wills

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Building Contracts

It’s fair to say that Mark has a love of all things water related. Catching waves in the tide or making waves in the pool – you name it, he’s out there doing it, any chance he can get.

We won’t hold it against Mark that he was raised on Auckland’s North Shore. Let’s face it, he didn’t have a choice where he lived as a child. But, as an adult, he’s had the good sense and good fortune to have spent many years living and working in the Mighty Waikato.

Mark spent some of the 80’s travelling and plying his trade in a large London law firm. He now specialises in leasing and commercial property. 

Just quietly, we also hear he’s more than just a pretty face at the local pub quiz night; and his golf and tennis swing are apparently none too shabby either.