Laura Gray.jpg

Laura Gray, Legal Executive

DDI (027) 672 2714   E


  • Residential Conveyancing

  • Refinancing

  • Horse mad and secretly has the world's biggest collection of Horse and Pony magazines

  • Rumour has it that the Circus is looking to poach her for her juggling prowess

If you’re ever driving through Cambridge and see a free car park outside ‘The Nash’ (The National Hotel) stop in and enjoy a quiet tipple on us.

Okay, okay, we might be pulling your leg on that one – but what is true is that we do have an office in Cambridge, above The Nash. And Laura does work there.

Couple her diligent work as a hard working legal executive, with the fact that she is Mum to two little cuties – it’s no wonder the good folk from the Circus want to bring her on as one of their jugglers.