Jacqueline Carroll, Legal Executive

PH (07) 850 0512   E jacqueline@eth.co.nz

Forever the optimist, Jacqueline lives by that infamous Pantene ad line, ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’. So… allow us to introduce the next Lydia Ko!

As a lover of all things golf, Jacqueline dreams of the day when she will take out a Masters tournament – we think that might explain her fascination with green jackets.

Jacqueline’s also a social butterfly with a penchant for partying, parenting (four wonderful boys) and she’s armed with a Postgraduate Diploma in Primary School Teaching; so she’s the ideal supporting act for our Grand Dame, Margaret Kellaway.

Born and bred in Wellington, we’ve finally convinced Jacqueline that she needs to add a touch of red to her existing yellow and black supporter’s colours.