Carmen van Straalen, Legal Assistant

PH (07) 850 0508   E

Carmen’s a legal assistant who brings a real down to earth approach to her work. We think this down to earth approach might have something to do with her love of the land and the fact that her and her hubby live on a dairy farm.

Who would have thought though that a lady who does such would neither eat red meat, nor drink milk – true story! We’ll stump up twenty bucks for the first person to come up with a cracking joke about that wee oxymoron.

Jokes aside, Carmen’s days fly by in a haze of legal documents as she offers legal assistance to not one, but three staff solicitors (Rob Hart, Mark Shephard and Amanda Iles).

When the office day has wound up and the cows have finished being milked, Carmen and her hubby routinely set off on a walk around the farm with their beloved Jack Russell and Labradoodle. They hope all this walking will stand them in good stead for when they set about hiking the next section of one of New Zealand’s Great Walks (the Abel Tasman).